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We offer competitive pricing for all of our services throughout the UK and Europe.


We tailor our transport solutions to match your needs.


Our service levels are above industry standard.


We understand the importance of keeping our customers informed and maintaining excellent communication.


Our transport and logistics solutions can support any sized operation with any fleet requirements.

Who Are We?

EFW Transport is an independent transport and logistics company headed up by Craig Woodhead.

Operating out of Scunthorpe and Doncaster, EFW Transport has a network covering all of the UK and Europe. Customer service and satisfaction is paramount to us and we strive to be competitive as well as offering service levels above industry standards.

We service customers from all industries including, manufacturing, FMCG, Pet, construction, packaging, recycling, food & drink and wholesalers. EFW Transport offer both regular and ad-hoc logistics solutions no job is too small or too big.

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Our Haulage Solutions

ADR Trained Drivers

Our ADR Trained drivers ensure that any dangerous goods transported by road can cross international borders freely if the goods, vehicles and drivers comply with its rules.

Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking

We utilises unit and trailer communication and tracking systems in all of our vehicles, meaning live updates can be provided directly to our customer’s interface.

Courier Services

We make use of our comprehensive network and partnerships with independent couriers to provide same day, and next day delivery, anywhere throughout the UK.

General Haulage

From pick up and delivery of a single consignment to management of your entire distribution network, we have the capabilities to help you match your customers demands.

Independent External Audits

To ensure our business continues to operate at the highest professional standard we receive annual audits carried out by wholly independent third party professionals.

Live POD Retrieval

We carry out live POD retrievals in order to help our customers meet their own KPIs, whilst also easing the proof of delivery and invoicing processes.

Network Support

If you are receiving more orders and business than you can currently handle our Network Support Solutions are the ideal fix. We can help you scale according to your business needs.

Tramping Services

We can source drivers who stay with their vehicles around the clock on 5, 6 and even 7 day patterns to guarantee minimal empty running time and greater cost efficiency.

Our Operations

Every week EFW Transport carries out and successfully completes over 100 deliveries and consignments with our capacity constantly increasing.

Deliveries & Consignments Completed

Sectors We Service:


Pallet Provider Network

Food & Drink Retailers

Parcel Delivery


Specialist Services


Wholesaler Importers and Forwarders

Frequently Asked Questions

Which industries do you cater to?

Most haulage businesses serve a variety of sectors, however it’s always best to ask. As large pieces of machinery and equipment are transported from one location to another, the aerospace, oil and gas, engineering, and infrastructure sectors most often benefit from professional haulage companies like EFW Transport.

What kind of haulage do you provide?

Whatever you need transporting EFW have the experience, knowledge, and team of drivers to get your deliveries where they need to be and when it needs to be there. As well as this we can tailor make a bespoke haulage solution just for you, whether it’s heavy or general to specialist haulage we have you covered with our cost-effective solutions provided by our expert team of hauliers.

What capacity loads can you carry?

We have a large fleet ranging from smaller panel vans to articulated lorries which gives us not only the resources but also the confidence to offer a wide range of services that you can rely on.

Where are you located?

Our HQ is based centrally in the UK on the outskirts of Scunthorpe close to the M180 and M18 motorways.

What qualifications does your team have?

All member of the EFW staff hold a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

Do I have to offload the deliveries?

At EFW, we provide offloading kits with fully trained operators to ensure deliveries and consignments are handed to our clients with the minimal impact damage possible.

Can you deliver full or part loads?

Yes we can deliver your full or part loads across the length and breadth of the UK with our fleet ranging from panel vans to full articulated lorries.

Is there any difference between haulage and freight?

Yes, haulage refers to the transporting of goods via road or rail and freight is the transportation of goods via land, sea, and air, for example importing and exporting to or from another country.

What types of haulage are there?

There are many types of haulage available to manufacturers, wholesale companies and retail companies depending on where the goods are going and the type of goods, these include freight haulage, specialist haulage, heavy haulage, container haulage and local and national domestic haulage.

What is heavy haulage?

The term heavy haulage is referring to extremely large and heavy objects that need to be transported from one place to another but are too large for road travel. These objects require experienced drivers in specialist vehicles designed to take heavier loads.

What is container haulage?

This is when goods are transported from A to B in a secured container loaded onto the back of a lorry. You will have likely seen footage of the large ships carrying hundreds of these containers across the oceans.

Why would I need haulage services?

Haulage services are necessary for the safe and secure transportation of heavy, unusual, or large volume cargo. It is more cost-effective to transfer one large load rather than multiple smaller loads for customers who frequently need to move heavy or unusual cargoes.

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What our customers say…

“Used EFW for a last minute time critical load after being let down. Professional drivers and office staff. Will definitely recommend.”

Daniel Slosmanis

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