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Are you looking for a service which can complement your current fleet and operate under your specific instructions with minimised empty running?

Why Choose Us?

At EFW, we resource vehicles and drivers who stay with their vehicles around the clock to minimise down time and allow movement from target location to target location without the need to return to base until the end of the driving week – this prevents empty running as much as possible.

We can provide you with…

Tramping services which only make use of our customers trailer

4 on 4 off (2 drivers) 7 day cover

Multi day patterns (5 Day / 6 Day)

Standby and emergency vehicle access

Peak exclusive support

365 day support

Our Main Services:

Network Support

Tramping Services

Courier Services

European Road Freight

Sub-Contracting Services

EFW Lorry

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tramp Service?

A tramp service, sometimes known as a tramper, is a service which can be provided even on short notice, and as a result, it does not adhere to any rigid timetable or set of routes.

EFW resource vehciles and drivers which stay with the vehicle overnight meaning there is no need to perform a round trip on adjacent jobs.

What is the advantage of a Tramp Service?

Tramping Services are particularly useful for reducing empty HGV running time. This translates to greater cost-efficiency and downtime in consignment delivery. Tramp services can also offer ambient, chill and frozen options for perishable and sensitive goods.

How does HGV Tramping work?

HGV Tramping refers to the practice of transporting goods over extended distances, either nationwide or through cross-borders in a HGV. These transportation routines typically take place over the course of several days. Drivers will often sleep in the cabin and for 7 day patterns the enlistment of multiple drivers can be employed.

As listed above, at EFW we offer extended duration tramping services for transport which requires multiple trips through the UK and Europe.

What types of customers are HGV Tramp Services ideal for?

Tramping services are ideal for a number of different customer types and sectors, including:

E-commerce Businesses

Importers – Unaccompanied Trailers & Sea Containers

Logistics Companies

Multi-site Retailers

National Haulage Companies

What is the difference between Tramping and Trunking?

Tramp services requires driving over long distances such as multiple, uninterrupted trips throughout the UK or going across Europe.

Trunk services is when a driver has regular routines without the requirement for overnight staying

What our customers say…

“Used EFW for a last minute time critical load after being let down. Professional drivers and office staff. Will definitely recommend.”

Daniel Slosmanis

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