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Do you need a haulage service to move goods from one location to another, whether this is straight to your customer or as part of another company?

Why Choose Us?

Whatever scope of service you require from the picking up and delivering of a single consignment to the management of your entire distribution network involving any and all processes needed to get your goods to your customers.

We can provide you with…

A number of different sized general haulage vehicles

A variety of different styled trailers to suit your needs

Seasonal support during your busiest periods

Our Main Services:

Network Support

Tramping Services

Courier Services

European Road Freight

Sub-Contracting Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of haulage are there?

There are many types of haulage available to manufacturers, wholesale companies and retail companies depending on where the goods are going and the type of goods, these include freight haulage, specialist haulage, heavy haulage, container haulage and local and national domestic haulage.

What is General Haulage?

The term for general haulage covers any businesses transporting goods of all kinds via road or railway. This is used across a number of different industries such as logistics, retail, manufacturing, parcel, and pallet networks.

What type of haulage vehicles are commonly used?

A haulage vehicle has been specifically designed to transport goods safely for a third party. These vehicles tend to be articulated lorries with curtained trailers. Other vehicles which are often used can include:

Box trailers

Fridge trailers

Flatbed trailers

Rigid vehicles

What our customers say…

“Used EFW for a last minute time critical load after being let down. Professional drivers and office staff. Will definitely recommend.”

Daniel Slosmanis

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