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Do you need rapid small cargo transportation in the UK or further afield in Europe?

Why Choose Us?

Due to our extensive network and partnerships with independent couriers, at EFW, we can provide both same day and next day delivery anywhere in the country – an ideal solution for time critical deadlines.

We can provide you with…

Emergency same day planning and transportation of small cargo

Competitive rates for nationwide delivery

Mistrunked and misdirected cargo corrections

Immediate access to an extensive and comprehensive network of owner drivers

Parcel shop collections

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Courier Service?

A courier service is a delivery service which operates in a similar way to shipping. However, instead of shipping a consignment, our drivers will personally carry out the delivery on the same day or next day. This guarantees that your cargo will arrive at the intended destination on time, with no delays, and undamaged as it avoids being knocked around during the shipping process.

Why would I need to use a Courier Service?

When regular shipping methods are not a viable option, usually due to time constraints, our courier service will meet the demand of package delivery.

Courier services usually get used when a delivery needs to be made on the same, or early the next day, after an order has been placed.

There are also situations where a consignment needs to be delivered in a short time frame but is too large to be shipped – our courier service would remedy this.

Couriers also are an ideal option for customers who want peace of mind when transporting items of high value quickly.

How quickly can you delivery my package?

The amount of time it can take for one of our rush couriers can vary depending on the amount of distance required to be covered in the timeframe.

For our emergency courier service we offer guaranteed same day delivery within the UK. Pickup can be made within a number of hours and our couriers will transport your consignment directly to the target destination without any pasues in between.

What makes your Courier Service so effective?

The EFW Courier Services are so effective as they provide fast and reliable consignment delivery – this being either same day or next day delivery.

Alongside this, we provide competitive rates in conjunction with a complimentary service if required. Stand alone courier is also available.

When a call is made, we will link you up to the most relevant despatch point in the UK to ensure you get quickest possible delivery.

What hours are your Courier Services open and when do you make deliveries?

At EFW, we operate around the clock as we realise that not all deliverys and orders will take place during standard business hours. As such, we operate on a 24/7 basis and can make a delivery at any time of the day or night.

What our customers say…

“Used EFW for a last minute time critical load after being let down. Professional drivers and office staff. Will definitely recommend.”

Daniel Slosmanis

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