Wholesale Importers
and Forwarders

EFW can Provide a Whole Range of Services for Shipping Companies,

from Moving Containers and Collecting your Unaccompanied Trailers

to Delivering to Distribution Centres or Directly to your Customers.

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If you are in the Wholesale Importers and Forwarders Sector and need transport and haulage solutions, get in touch today!

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Wholesale Importers And Forwarders

Sectors We Service

Our team carry the expertise, infrastructure and significant experience to help guide businesses within the Wholesale Importers & Forwarders sector to keep up with their high demand and ensure they continue reach their targets and successfully ship out goods to their customers.

Clients we service in this sector:

Clothing manufacturers & importers

Freight forwarders

Gift and fancy goods importers

Import and wholesale of any product type

Specialty import

Warehouse operators

Our Service Can Include

Book in deliveries direct with your customer

Container moves for port to end user

Equipment – hand ball and assisted unloading

Import / export clearance

Part/full load deliveries UK wide

Stand trailer for preloading or extra storage

Sectors We Service:


Pallet Provider Network

Food & Drink Retailers

Parcel Delivery


Specialist Services


Wholesaler Importers and Forwarders

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our HQ is based centrally in the UK on the outskirts of Scunthorpe close to the M180 and M18 motorways.

Which industries do you cater to?

EFW caters to a large number of sectors including, but not limited to:

The Automotive Sector

Food & Drink Retailers

Logistic Companies

The Manufacturing Sector

Pallet Provider Network

Parcel Delivery

Specialist Services

Wholesaler Importers & Forwarders

What types of haulage do you provide?

Whatever you need transporting EFW have the experience, knowledge, and team of drivers to get your deliveries where they need to be and when it needs to be there.

We can tailor bespoke haulage solutions just for you – from standard to heavy and specialist haulage we have you covered with our cost-effective solutions provided by our expert team of hauliers.

What capacity loads can you transport?

We have a large fleet ranging from smaller panel vans to articulated lorries which gives us not only the resources but also the confidence to offer a wide range of services which you can rely on.

Can you deliver full or part loads?

We can deliver both full or part loads across the length and breadth of the UK with our vehicle fleet, ranging from panel vans to full articulated lorries.

Can you help avoid problems arising from the Driver Shortage?

Yes, we are specially positioned to address the current shortage. As a company with access to various asset pools across multiple locations we are in the unique position of being able to navigate and avoid transport problems that have arisen from the driver shortage that unfortunately doesn’t look like it will be solved soon.

Can you provide solutions based on backhaul?

Customers are no longer willing to accept backhaul levels of inefficiency in their supply chains, therefore true accessible backhaul at marginal or minimal prices, where the original delivery funds the round trip is becoming increasingly rare.

Yet, where possible we will match this low-cost resource with the activity of our customers and reflect this efficiency in our pricing structures.

Can you provide solutions based on a one-way transport rate?

By working with our extensive network of partners and liaising with our existing clients we can provide a cost-effective solution by matching requirements with our resources.

Can you help me reduce my carbon footprint?

With our expert transport consultancy service assessing your current carbon footprint and identifying a more effective way getting your goods to your clients.

We have more than one way to achieve this, including moving away from a dedicated two-way solution to a one way or a shared solution which would help to reduce your carbon footprint.

What sort of customers do you work with?

We supply transport solutions for numerous businesses from blue chip clients(from retail to manufacturers), third party logistics companies,  all the way to medium and small businesses.

Do you have track and trace?

We can provide you with a track and trace facility on all of our consignments.

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Our Main Services:

Network Support

Tramping Services

Courier Services

European Road Freight

Sub-Contracting Services

EFW Lorry

If you are still unsure on whether we can help your business, get in touch today and see what our transport and haulage solutions can do for you!

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